The Arborfield and Barkham Neighbourhood Plan


Arborfield and Barkham are working together to produce a Neighbourhood Plan.

The two parishes are facing great changes, with the Arborfield Green garden village being developed on the site of the former Arborfield Garrison and with the new Arborfield Cross Relief Road due to be constructed in the next few years.

With the Borough Council now in the process of developing the Local Plan Update, which will guide the future development of Wokingham Borough up to 2036, this is a very good time to be gathering our opinions and sharing them with the Borough Council.

The plan is being prepared by a Steering Group consisting of Councillors and residents drawn from both parishes. Work completed includes a Residents’ Survey in late 2016, a number of Focus Groups researching various topics including sustainability and greenways, analysis of housing needs and some public drop-in events including the “Shaping Our Future” event held in Autumn 2017. A further event was held in June 2018 to present a draft of the plan which launched the public consultation.

Neighbourhood Plan formally submitted to Wokingham Borough Council – September 2018 (new)

The Arborfield and Barkham Neighbourhood Plan has been formally submitted to Wokingham Borough Council for their review. The updated ‘Submission Plan’ can now be viewed here. In addition a ‘Basic Conditions’ statement can also be viewed here. The Consultation Statement and Appendices will also be added shortly.

Following the consultation which was launched at the public event held on 23 June, the plan was further reviewed by the Steering Group to take account of comments received from residents, statutory consultees and landowners. An important theme of this review was to demonstrate how the plan reflected national and local government planning policies and to interpret how these can address specific local issues.

It has always been the intention throughout the process of preparing the Neighbourhood Plan to encourage participation by residents of the two parishes, hence the strap line ‘A plan for the community by the community’ which has been widely used in publicity material. Participation has been achieved through a number of channels: focus groups, a dedicated web site, e-mail updates, social media postings, parish newsletters and three public events. Along the way, a number of topic papers were produced by the focus groups and professional assistance was brought in.

The Steering Group would particularly like to thank the large number of residents who have participated in the preparation of this plan, including around 50 who contributed to focus groups and the many who responded to surveys and completed response forms at various stages of the process.


NP Steering Group

The Arborfield and Barkham Neighbourhood Plan

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