The Arborfield and Barkham Neighbourhood Plan


Arborfield and Barkham are working together to produce a Neighbourhood Plan.

Some residents may remember that this project was started about 4 years ago, but work on the Neighbourhood Plan at that time was overtaken by the uncertainties associated with development proposed at Arborfield Garrison and by the Arborfield Bypass consultation. Both these issues are now more settled, and work on the Neighbourhood Plan was restarted about 6 months ago.

With the Borough Council now in the process of developing the Local Plan Update, which will guide the future development of Wokingham Borough up to 2036, this is a very good time to be gathering our opinions and sharing them with the Borough Council.

Latest News - ‘Shaping Our Future’

A public event “Shaping Our Future” will take place 12.30 to 15.30 on Saturday 30th September at the Arborfield Green Community Centre off Rowcroft Road.


The Steering Group is seeking feedback on the ideas presented. Comment forms, in the form of a flyer, are being distributed to households and businesses and there is an online version here on this website.

The final date for comments is 5th November but it would be helpful to receive comments as soon as possible so that we can press on with writing the draft plan.

The exhibition boards can also be viewed here on this website.

We would particularly like comments on the Vision and Objectives (see below).

These have been developed from the responses to the Residents’ Survey and we need to check with you that we’re heading in the right direction before we write the detailed policies.

Many may seem to be largely self-evident but, when the plan gets to Public Examination, it will be necessary to demonstrate that we have consulted on them.

Vision and Objectives

A sustainable future for Arborfield and Barkham as a thriving and accessible community, managing development to be inclusive for all age groups and enhancing the identity and rural setting of the villages.


Protecting identity and rural setting of the villages

  • Protect and enhance the countryside – new development should blend into the landscape, not dominate countryside views
  • Retain separation of settlements to preserve their individual identities
  • Enhance heritage and natural environment and extend conservation designations where possible
  • Enhance the natural and historic setting of Arborfield Cross village centre and Barkham Street

Thriving community (includes community facilities and recreation)

  • Provide full range of facilities – schools, leisure amenities, retail, medical
  • Promote a strong rural economy

Accessibility (transport and greenways)

  • Minimise congestion on residential roads
  • Expand opportunities for sustainable transport

Managing development (housing, design and parking)

  • Match housing to local needs – starter homes, key workers homes, lifetime homes and care of the elderly
  • Require high quality design incorporating efficient use of resources


The Arborfield and Barkham Neighbourhood Plan

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