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IRS Policies - Identity and Rural Setting of the Villages

  • IRS1  Conservation and enhancement of the identity and rural setting of settlements
  • IRS2  Preservation of the separation areas between Arborfield, Barkham and Arborfield Green
  • IRS3  Protection and enhancement of the natural environment and green spaces
  • IRS4  Protection and enhancement of the special and historic character of the area



What we are setting out to achieve



TC Policies - Thriving Communities

  • TC1  Retention of valued local community facilities

  • TC2  Properly planned and designed new facilities, including a medical centre at Arborfield Green
  • TC3  Conditional support for small business and expansion of lawful activities





AH Policies - Appropriate Housing

  • AH1  New housing within settlement boundaries or on brownfield sites
  • AH2  Support for housing to meet local needs, e.g. affordable and key worker homes
  • AH3  Very strict exception policies for new development outside settlements
  • AH4  Any new development to be of high quality, with generous open space and properly landscaped
  • AH5  No adverse drainage and sewage impacts and no development in flood areas


GA Policies - Getting About

  • GA1  New development must not increase traffic on unsuitable roads
  • GA2  Implement local network of green routes for non-motorised users
  • GA3  Arborfield Cross Relief Road, Barkham Bridge widening and Nine Mile Ride Extension to be supported
  • GA4  Bus routes in new developments must have adequate road-width and junctions



Response Form : Consultation on Draft Arborfield & Barkham Neighbourhood Plan

Before completing a response please view the complete policies, draft Plan and supporting documents here.

The Plan is arranged in four policy areas - a brief summary of each area is provided in the comment form below.

We would like your opinions on what is proposed.

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The Arborfield and Barkham Neighbourhood Plan
The Arborfield and Barkham Neighbourhood Plan